Welcome to Bikeconomics. My name is Terry O’Floinn & the main reason I setup this site is to add to the general discourse in Ireland about developing cycling as a much more effective & better recognised form of transport in Ireland.

I certainly do not hate cars, I love our family car, it would be difficult (not impossible!) to live without it. I certainly understand why so many people choose a car as the primary mode of transport. However as a commuter cyclist for over 15 years, it is hard not to conclude that we face several issues as a nation when it comes to transport & its impact on our society:

  • There are too many cars – our streets are becoming too clogged
  • Future generations will not thank us for the potential environmental mess we are creating
  • We are becoming more unhealthy every year due to lifestyle choices

The main focus of this site is to focus on the benefits & potential benefits of further investment in cycling as a transport mode. These benefits are for us as individuals, our communities & that includes both financial & physical benefits.

I welcome any feedback on articles that will be posted in time on the site.

Enjoy & happy safe cycling!