New report estimates cycling in the EU creates €513 billion annually!

A new report titled “EU Cycling Economy” estimates that cycling in the European Union (EU) creates €513 billion annually. The report looks at a number of areas where cycling benefits society across the 28 EU member states including health benefits, social, environmental, economic and other advantages.

ECF EU Cycling Economy Report Chart


Benefits to the EU Economy include:

  • €111 billion due to shopping by bicycle
  • €10 billion due to reduced carbon emissions
  • €44 billion due to cycling tourism
  • €6.6 billion due to reduced traffic congestion
  • €4.5 billion due to reduced absenteeism
  • €20 billion due to kids leading healthier lifestyles
  • €2.8 billion due to energy cost savings


This list is not exhaustive & the report goes into further detail in a number of key areas that benefits all European Union countries as a whole including Ireland. For Ireland to take advantage of these benefits, we do need to as a society invest more in developing cycling as a viable transport option.


Download the report: EU Cycling Economy

For detailed information on the benefits to the EU economy, click here to download the EU Cycling Economy report.