Apart from keeping you fit & healthy, as well as helping you fight fat, cycling delivers excellent economic savings to you as well.


Cycling has low everyday operating costs

The cost of using a bicycle on a regular basis is very low compared to other forms of transport such as using a car or taking public transport such as a bus. You do not need to pay for motor tax, insurance or pay a fare to use your own bicycle. You have minimal costs in keeping the bicycle operational such as an annual service & any regular parts required to run the bicycle e.g. tubes for your tyres or batteries for your lights. Otherwise the bicycle just needs you to power it!

Costs of using Dublin Bus

We’re not trying to pick on Dublin Bus which offers a decent public transport system for the city of Dublin. However there is a cost to using the service & in today’s world, every cent counts! Let’s take a look at an example of the costs associated with a regular commute using Dublin Dublin Bus, Volvo B9TL Alexander Dennis Enviro400 (07-D-30001) (8203457462)Bus.

Example Route: 46A from Stillorgan to O’Connell Street, Dublin

  • Adult Fare: €3.30
  • Adult Fare (Leap Card): €2.60
  • Monthly Ticket: €132 (€1,584 annually)
  • Annual Ticket: €1,320

Fares calculated using Dublinbus.ie (9th December 2016)

Regardless of how much income you earn, those figures are quite substantial to pay out on a regular basis. If you are travelling to/from school, work, college etc. using Dublin Bus twice a day, you are likely to be paying over €1,300 per year in fares. A quick glance on Google & you would easily fly yourself & your better half over to Thailand for a nice break! With cycling you will not have this cost overhead or anything like it even when you count for an annual service or repairs etc.


Time costs money

So how much slower is cycling compared to the bus…well according to Google Maps it is pretty even. The bus is potentially slower during rush hour periods as it needs to pick up & drop off people more regularly. Both methods would take approximately 30 minutes to go from Stillorgan to O’Connell Street in Dublin. What you need to consider is the time it takes to get from door to desk at your destination making allowances for time to get yourself ready either at home or your destination.


Cycling to work, college or school can deliver substantial financial benefits along with health & fitness benefits. Consider using it as your primary mode of transport for commuting, you will never look back!